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6:12 p.m. - 2006-06-12
from that night to today
Life certainly has been interesting since that first night together. I moved back with Kristina, we were together two more years. In 2001 Liz and I moved in together, and until three months ago remained together. We were married in 2002, and Liz gave birth to our wonderful, pretty little duaghter, Juniper Lee, In Jan. 2004. Later that same year we moved back to yakima and bought a house.
Since that night we first made love Liz graduated from college. She also married Les, the guy she was with, divorced him, became a drug addict,went to prison, got off drugs, was employed gainfully for a sucessful attorney or three, married me,gave birth to Juniper, created some damn fine music,and became a great wife and mother. And now she plans to study physics. She never stops.
So much being said about Liz, and the wonderful person she is, what about me you might ask, who is this guy so in love with the little rabbit? Well I guess there really isn't much to say about him. He loves his little girl and the smell of the changing seasons. He likes music and is going to go to college, even if it kills him. He spends too much time alone.He loves his family[mom/dad] even thuogh they drive him nuts.He does not eat enough; he is losing weight. He does not enjoy smoking pot as much as he once did.He is looking for and desperately needs a
His dreams at night are funny, disjointed, sterile.He wakes up frquently during the night, sometimes wondering where his wife and baby have gone, and then he remembers.He wasn't a bad husband, at least he doesn't beleive that.
He had many problems of a self consuming nature, drugs, to plainly name the beast. And lack of self confidence, I suppose. This guy just feels like he had the world pulled out from under him, and the task of find his way back up seems scary and over whelming. He has quit drugs, the injectable, evil kind, at least. He is learning how to type, bought a P.C. And I am going to school in the fall, come hell or high water. Liz is going back as well.
I hope to make some friends here, I hope my story has been sadly entertaining, at least. And not too pathetic, I hope. Let me know what you think.


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